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Rules for pets

Dogs welcome
  • Extra charge for dogs/cats: 30 € if less than 10 kg and 60 € if more than 10 kg;

  • Please inform us in advance if you are bringing a dog or cat (max 2);

  • Uneducated or not clean dogs are NOT welcome, the same counts for the owners;

  • It is absolutely forbidden to let them sleep in the bed or the sofa;

  • The courtyard is not a peeing area, please take your animal for a walk;

  • Wet or fashionable animals are not allowed inside, you can always use an empty stable to let them dry after rinsing or until you can brush them;

  • Deposit for pets 150 €, this will be refunded after cleaning (please leave your account number);

  • In case of damage or if the bed or the sofa are found full of animal hairs during cleaning, the deposit will be retained;

  • The additional cost and deposit must be paid in cash on arrival.

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